Physics class with Mr. Chu

Physics class with Mr. Chu

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Don't Fold My Paper, Folding Already... FOLDED! =.=

Ladies and gentlemen, how's your holidays so far? Hope it's superb and productive. As you can see the title of this post, it's an inside joke for me and the person sitting on my right. LOL. My classmates know that I have this habit of taking care of my books and papers very well because I hate my books and papers being folded. Trust me, I'm very anal about it. My classmates sometimes just feel like choking me especially Jamie (the person sitting on my right) and Kai Cong (the person sitting in front of me).

The joke started off like that, I guess we were doing add maths at that time. So I finish mine 1st and Jamie don't know how to solve that question. She "borrowed" my paper (she always just snatch my stuff away) to copy the answer. She snatched it quite fast and I know that it will be folded soon because she always don't care about my paper, so i said "DON'T FOLD MY PAPER". She answered "I'm not" Then that time she was holding the paper in mid air but she was pressing her thumb against the surface of the paper and the other four fingers below it. Means that it's kinda like folding already. So I said "FOLDING ALREADY...". And bloody hell, just after I said it, she accidentally press it down, then I shouted "FOLDED!" Sorry if it's not funny for you guys, but seriously at that moment is was hilarious. She started laughing and asked me whether did I realize I just used all tenses for "fold". We laughed until that period ends =.=. This was the only joke I can remember making her laugh. Other times, she's the one that make me laugh my ass off.

*drum roll* This is Jamie Teoh Pei Tze. And she's crazy. Not joking.This is the only picture I have that's just both of us only, coz other times there's just people cutting in... like... Vanessa Soong... =.= By the way, this is 4Mozart09's class dinner in KL Hilton.

Example of people cutting in... =.= This is 3Aristotle09's class dinner in The Gardens, Alexis.

I will have to say that whoever that's around her and talk to her will always laugh. Guarantee, if not is refundable (omg, I'm so farny =='). Well, at least for me. I've been talking to her since starting of school until the end of the year and seriously, she make me laugh throughout the year. Even though she sits beside me her whole high school life (means mine too), I never really talk to her from form 1 to form 3. Form 4 is the year I really get to know her. I feel comfortable talking to her, even "man-talk" like basketball and athletics because she's a basketball player, runner, swimmer, etc... She watches NBA. I can tell her how nervous I am before a 100m and 200m race, before a basketball match and when we're losing because she knows exactly how it feels. So yeah. Think I'm gonna call her before my race next year. ROFL. Besides, she's in blue house with me too.

Did so many stuff together this year, sports day (she's one of the best school runner), basketball matches (she's one of the best school basketball player too) like MSSD and interclass competition, athletic club (she's vice president), cookery club (she's president but she can't cook AT ALL =.=), Gopeng Trip, Taman Negara Trip, Class Dinner and short film of "Night School".

This is during the filming of "THS". Jamie, Me, Kai Cong and Carl Lyn. At the back is... Vanessa Soong... Again... Changing? o.O

Oh yeah, just to show you how friendly she is... She's good friends with the popular gang in our school and still hangs out with people that's so-not-popular-in-school like me pretty well.

Jamie taking picture with the "so-not-popular-in-school" gang. =.=

BEST PTPI PRESIDENT! (Kristina) also my sista, Popular Girl (Jamie), So-Not-Popular (Me) and The Most Random, Michael Jackson Moonwalker + BEST Head Prefect the school ever has (Geoffrey) also my brater.

This is the list of stuff that I'm gonna miss about Jamie.

1)Her "quacking" screams whenever I pinch her.
2)Her jokes about her + her family or even cousins. Life's like an adventure for her everyday, that's why she's very interesting.
3)Coming to school late everyday without fail like 8.05a.m. with slippers and lots of bags.
4)24-hours eating like 7-11.
5)Copying her notes. Because I'm very slow in copying notes.
6)Her "just-shut-up-la-kai-cong" quote.
7)Her "I'll just..." answering technique.
8)Her bloody big reactions over small stuff.
9)Gossiping! and complaining.
10)Her randomness of just punching and pinching me without any reason at all.
11)Her OMG-OSH.

That's all I can think of now.

Even though sitting beside you makes my grade drops a little... or A LOT. =.= Making me not concentrate all the time when teacher's teaching in front of the class especially physics and chemistry class =='. (think my mom will call you if she read this). It's great knowing you at the last year just before you transfer to Melbourne. It would of course be better if we have talk for the past 3 years as well. Anyway, no regrets and thanks for being there all the time.

P.S. You happy now? Better appreciate this post. =.=

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

coffee shop feeling

This is a random post my dear friends. I'm not sure about you guys, but coffee shops (most of the time is Starbucks and Coffee Bean) always give me the feeling of relax, where you spend time talking with your friends or family, where you can spend time alone, and the best is just enjoy your coffee and watch the people pass by in the street and enjoying the scenery. I don't really have my own photo of coffee shops taken but I found some pictures in the net that can somehow express this feeling.

If you are not used to making many decisions at once, Starbucks is definitely the place where you can start learning it. No joke. Go there and order once then you'll know what I mean.

The counter is really cool, especially when you see them preparing your coffee. I wish to have a coffee maker machine in my house too.

I think those students are doing their homework? It's a nice place to do your homework, study or just even read a book or magazine there. But I don't have the chance to do so so far, perhaps when I'm in college or university?

Wonderful place to spend some time alone.

The atmosphere is superb...

...especially Christmas time!

When it comes with all these christmasy drinks.

Isn't it just tempting?

Alright, that's done. So, to all people that are always feeling depressed, sad over small things, this is what I can advise you all. No matter what the problem is, there will always be a way as long as you don't lose hope and have faith in yourselves. No point feeling down as it won't help at all and it will actually make the people around you feel sad too. Not to say it's bad that you share your emotions and thoughts with other people, it is the right thing to do, but you have to overcome it eventually. What you should do is find the right way to express your feelings (sharing with your friends and family is the best so far, but it depends on individual). After that, seek help from your friends, family, cousins or even counselor if the problem is what you cant handle alone.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Movies That's Worth Watching

What's up guys? Today is another normal Monday. Kind of tired after tuition and lunch so i took a nap. When I woke up this question suddenly came into my mind. It's a very simple question but with various answers I believe when asked.

The question is "What will you do if you meet the love of your life but you are already married to someone else, are you supposed to let them pass you by?"

This question is from the movie "He's Just NOT That Into You". A little information about that movie. To me, is just an average movie. But I think girls that don't have a clue about boy's behavior such as why guys treat you very nice and suddenly he just ignore you completely, should really watch it. I guess it helps a little or probably a lot?

I'll give it a 5/10.

Since I'm talking about movie now, let's continue. This is one of my all time favorite romantic comedy + Christmas movie. "Love Actually". Basically the movie is about 10 short love stories that happened in a duration of 5 weeks counting down to Christmas. I showed this movie to some of my friends, they said it's only an average movie and it's too long. The movie's run time is about 2 hours? But to me is worth watching. I don't think they sell this in Malaysia because there are some censored scenes. But that's part of the movie, just watch it. I believe you can find this movie in youtube. The coolest part is you will find that everyone somehow are linked to each other.

I'll rate this for 10/10. The casts also includes famous U.K. actors and actress like Keira Knightley, Rowan Atkinson, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman etc..

Another movie that interest me is a really classic love story. "Notting Hill". I don't recommend you to watch it if you don't like classic. This is a 1999 movie starring Hugh Grant (one of my favorite U.K. actor) and also the pretty Julia Robert! She's very gorgeous in this movie. The movie is about a famous actress (Julia) met an average guy that works in the little travel bookshop (Hugh) that always wanted to meet her in real life.

I'll rate this a 10/10 too. Notting Hill is a real place in U.K.. It's a beautiful and peaceful little place.

Ever heard of Manhattan in the states? This movie was filmed there, a perfect setting in my opinion. It is called "little" because the movie is about two age 10-11 kids falling in love with each other for the first time (their 1st love too).

I'll give a 8/10. Josh Hutcherson and Charlie Ray are so cute inside the movie.

Time traveling stuff bores you? Maybe this movie will change your mind. The movie is kind of confusing but yet two-thumbs-up. Two people from different time writes to each other through a mail box in front of the "Lake House". The mail box is magical I guess because when the letters are put inside, the letter time travels?

This would be a 7/10 movie. Worth watching + Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are the casts.

I think that these movies are worth watching so you should watch it when you have nothing better to do.

Quote of the day: Anna Scott: After all... I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Enjoy the holidays while you can!

Hello people! Its in the middle of holidays now. Quite lifeless and jobless staying at home. So, I decided to come out with this blog. The 1st thing that I want to blog today is that many people around the world will always feel sad and bored due to some reasons. I was one of them! Then it struck me that life's too short to feel that way! Seriously. It was as if I'm still trying to get used to new subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and additional math on the first day of school! But its already December now!

Alright, lets cut the crap short. =.= What are you doing in your holidays? Most of the time when we are having school we wish for holidays to come! Then when holidays come, you feel bored at home! Some even sad? Here are some little tips that are able to help you overcome this feeling! Whenever you wish for holidays to come, write down what you want to do if you are really in a holiday in a piece of paper. Keep that paper, whenever or wherever you have new ideas, just write it down on the same piece of paper again. Then you will have a clear mind how you are going to fully enjoy your holidays! It does not have to be like hanging out with your friends or watching movies in the cinema, it can be something random and personal too. I'll show you some of mine.

This is my to-do-list for my holiday. If you are wondering why I need to call British council because my English's standard is quite low. And I planned to go to U.S.A. for my university. I'm currently having Princeton University in my mind but not decided yet. Going to see the school counselor

Many of my friends normally will feel this way which is when they have fun for a long time they will feel guilty for not studying as well. Don't feel that way! Recent research shows that human brain can concentrate fully on a subject for a period of around an hour. When you feel bored and tired, stop studying and do something else that you like! Here are some websites that i recommend.

For movies and dramas, and You don't have to download it, just wait for it to buffer.

For interesting articles and more,, and My personal favorite is watching the nanny. Full episodes uploaded in youtube!

By the way, have you been to any shopping malls yet? I'm sure going shopping or just window shopping is a nice way to relax. Just enjoy the Christmas decorations that they have put up! Me and my mom have also decorated a corner of my house to blend in with this Christmas season!

"Trying" to take some artistic shot. Haha. =.= Those pictures taken by my friends (Kristina, Shen Deng, Tzer Thong, etc.) are fantastic! You should visit their blog.
"artistic" photo #1

"artistic" photo #2

"artistic" photo #3

This corner always give me the western-like home feeling. I like. =D

Such a lovely corner. My mom and I used around 3 hours to decorate that corner + setting up the christmas tree and the santa claus. =) It was some mother and son time. Haha.

Little santa claus under the christmas tree.

Quote of the Day: The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis