Physics class with Mr. Chu

Physics class with Mr. Chu

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Don't Fold My Paper, Folding Already... FOLDED! =.=

Ladies and gentlemen, how's your holidays so far? Hope it's superb and productive. As you can see the title of this post, it's an inside joke for me and the person sitting on my right. LOL. My classmates know that I have this habit of taking care of my books and papers very well because I hate my books and papers being folded. Trust me, I'm very anal about it. My classmates sometimes just feel like choking me especially Jamie (the person sitting on my right) and Kai Cong (the person sitting in front of me).

The joke started off like that, I guess we were doing add maths at that time. So I finish mine 1st and Jamie don't know how to solve that question. She "borrowed" my paper (she always just snatch my stuff away) to copy the answer. She snatched it quite fast and I know that it will be folded soon because she always don't care about my paper, so i said "DON'T FOLD MY PAPER". She answered "I'm not" Then that time she was holding the paper in mid air but she was pressing her thumb against the surface of the paper and the other four fingers below it. Means that it's kinda like folding already. So I said "FOLDING ALREADY...". And bloody hell, just after I said it, she accidentally press it down, then I shouted "FOLDED!" Sorry if it's not funny for you guys, but seriously at that moment is was hilarious. She started laughing and asked me whether did I realize I just used all tenses for "fold". We laughed until that period ends =.=. This was the only joke I can remember making her laugh. Other times, she's the one that make me laugh my ass off.

*drum roll* This is Jamie Teoh Pei Tze. And she's crazy. Not joking.This is the only picture I have that's just both of us only, coz other times there's just people cutting in... like... Vanessa Soong... =.= By the way, this is 4Mozart09's class dinner in KL Hilton.

Example of people cutting in... =.= This is 3Aristotle09's class dinner in The Gardens, Alexis.

I will have to say that whoever that's around her and talk to her will always laugh. Guarantee, if not is refundable (omg, I'm so farny =='). Well, at least for me. I've been talking to her since starting of school until the end of the year and seriously, she make me laugh throughout the year. Even though she sits beside me her whole high school life (means mine too), I never really talk to her from form 1 to form 3. Form 4 is the year I really get to know her. I feel comfortable talking to her, even "man-talk" like basketball and athletics because she's a basketball player, runner, swimmer, etc... She watches NBA. I can tell her how nervous I am before a 100m and 200m race, before a basketball match and when we're losing because she knows exactly how it feels. So yeah. Think I'm gonna call her before my race next year. ROFL. Besides, she's in blue house with me too.

Did so many stuff together this year, sports day (she's one of the best school runner), basketball matches (she's one of the best school basketball player too) like MSSD and interclass competition, athletic club (she's vice president), cookery club (she's president but she can't cook AT ALL =.=), Gopeng Trip, Taman Negara Trip, Class Dinner and short film of "Night School".

This is during the filming of "THS". Jamie, Me, Kai Cong and Carl Lyn. At the back is... Vanessa Soong... Again... Changing? o.O

Oh yeah, just to show you how friendly she is... She's good friends with the popular gang in our school and still hangs out with people that's so-not-popular-in-school like me pretty well.

Jamie taking picture with the "so-not-popular-in-school" gang. =.=

BEST PTPI PRESIDENT! (Kristina) also my sista, Popular Girl (Jamie), So-Not-Popular (Me) and The Most Random, Michael Jackson Moonwalker + BEST Head Prefect the school ever has (Geoffrey) also my brater.

This is the list of stuff that I'm gonna miss about Jamie.

1)Her "quacking" screams whenever I pinch her.
2)Her jokes about her + her family or even cousins. Life's like an adventure for her everyday, that's why she's very interesting.
3)Coming to school late everyday without fail like 8.05a.m. with slippers and lots of bags.
4)24-hours eating like 7-11.
5)Copying her notes. Because I'm very slow in copying notes.
6)Her "just-shut-up-la-kai-cong" quote.
7)Her "I'll just..." answering technique.
8)Her bloody big reactions over small stuff.
9)Gossiping! and complaining.
10)Her randomness of just punching and pinching me without any reason at all.
11)Her OMG-OSH.

That's all I can think of now.

Even though sitting beside you makes my grade drops a little... or A LOT. =.= Making me not concentrate all the time when teacher's teaching in front of the class especially physics and chemistry class =='. (think my mom will call you if she read this). It's great knowing you at the last year just before you transfer to Melbourne. It would of course be better if we have talk for the past 3 years as well. Anyway, no regrets and thanks for being there all the time.

P.S. You happy now? Better appreciate this post. =.=

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